Airfield upgrade works

We are constantly upgrading our airfield infrastructure to stay ahead of demand. In the run-up to the 2016/2017 summer peak travel season we built two new remote stands for international aircraft and a new taxiway, all capable of accommodating the world’s largest passenger aircraft. The combined works represented the largest concrete production project at the airport in decades. Here are some of the stats:

  • 18,000 cubic metres of concrete
  • 7,000 tonnes of cement
  • 130,000 tonnes of aggregate
  • 5kms of subsoil drainage
  • 200 truck movements per day
  • Size of new pavement equivalent to 6 rugby fields

We are currently building a new Code F MARS remote stand – Stand 75. It will be completed by November 2017.

Airfield works currently in delivery include:

  • Construction of Remote Stand 75 – a fully-serviced Code F MARS stand, to be delivered by November 2017
  • Upgrade of over 43,000m2 of runway and taxiway pavement
  • Extension of Taxiways Mike and Lima to enhance aircraft access to Pier B
  • Fuel network compliance programme across the airfield