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AIAL1 Adrian Littlewood - Chief Executive

AIAL2 André Lovatt - General Manager Airport Development & Delivery

AIAL3 Anna Cassels-Brown - General Manager Operations

AIAL4 Jonathan Good - General Manager Technology & Marketing

AIAL5 Mark Thomson - General Manager Property

AIAL6 Mary-Liz Tuck - General Manager Corporate Services

AIAL7 Phil Neutze - Chief Financial Officer

AIAL8 Richard Barker - General Manager Retail & Commercial

AIAL9 Scott Tasker - General Manager Aeronautical Commercial

AIAL10 Godwits at Pier B

AIAL11 Gate 18 - Pier B

AIAL12 Gate 18 - Pier B

AIAL13 The Collection Point

AIAL14 Strata Lounge

AIAL15 Coastal Clean Up

AIAL16 Coastal Clean Up

AIAL17 Strata Club

AIAL18 Check-in kiosk

AIAL19 Aircraft on taxiway

AIAL20 Airport Emergency Services - Panther

AIAL21 Bunnings Distribution Centre

AIAL22 Undercover car park

AIAL23 Airport of the future - Northern runway render

AIAL24 Aircraft

AIAL25 Te Kaitaka - The Cloak

AIAL26 Hellmann building at The Landing

AIAL27 Terminal transfer bus

AIAL28 The Wait Zone