Kia Ora

As New Zealand's gateway and one of the largest listed companies, Auckland Airport has many corporate responsibilities to trade and tourism, our passengers, our partners, our shareholders and all our many other stakeholders.  We take these responsibilities very seriously. welcome-msg-corporate.jpg
Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Being a responsible business is part of Auckland Airport's DNA

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By respecting people, the community and the environment we are able to grow our business sustainably and create value for all of our stakeholders in the long term



We strive to create value for our investors by delivering on our strategic goals for our customers

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Shares and bonds

Bond information, dividends, share prices, investor enquiries and ADR overview

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Interim Report 2017

The first half of the 2018 financial year saw us maintain a strong focus on upgrading the airport infrastructure

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Key reporting dates

16 Feb 2018

  2018 Interim Results Announcement

2 Mar 2018

  January 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

23 Mar 2018

  February 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

27 Apr 2018

  March 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

23 May 2018

  April 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

26 Jun 2018

  May 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

24 Jul 2018

  June 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

23 Aug 2018

  July 2018 Monthly Traffic Update

23 Aug 2018

  2018 Results Announcement