Diversity & Inclusion

Statement of Intent & Commitment

Kaupapa (Purpose)

The sustained success of Auckland Airport is based on the ability of our people to be at their best. Our Diversity & Inclusion statement of intent and commitment is a core part of Auckland Airport’s sustainability strategy and has been created to ensure we are clear about what we stand for and who we are.

Statement of Intent & Commitment

We want our people to be themselves and share their unique differences. This means people being able to bring their whole selves to work and create positive, rich, and connected interactions with everyone; as part of day-to-day interactions, wherever they might be, across the entire Auckland Airport hapori (community).

We know people give their best when they find meaning and purpose in their work and see how their own values and aspirations can be brought to life through what they do here at Auckland Airport.

At Auckland Airport we are working for Aotearoa-New Zealand and we know diversity and inclusion is as important for the economy as it is for our own success. Auckland Airport is a key gateway to Aotearoa-New Zealand, and this means we have a responsibility to lead and role model the way. We also recognise the continued need to adapt and adjust to stay relevant to the needs of our people, our guests, our stakeholders, and the South Auckland hapori.

We want to empower people to bring their unique perspectives to their work. In doing so, we will not only create an inclusive and inspiring place to work – we will ensure that we make good decisions and generate creative approaches to solving the challenges and leveraging the opportunities faced by our guests, our key stakeholders and by our own Company.

We are committed to working together as one to recognise, value and leverage the unique characteristics that each person brings to Auckland Airport. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is anchored around enhancing diversity of thought across our business, with this being underpinned by who we are as individuals, our experiences and whakapapa / cultural heritage. We will also continue to focus on two further areas of diversity we believe are important - gender and ethnicity. This is a broad aspiration and one that is fed into and directly informs our people and capability strategy as a Company.

Our guiding principles

  • We believe that a diverse and inclusive business environment is vital for the growth of the Aotearoa-New Zealand economy.
  • We have a responsibility as an employer to lead and role model in this area.
  • We believe our focus on diversity and inclusion will positively impact on our culture and in turn our bottom-line business results.
  • We know we do not have all the answers - we will make progress through robust dialogue and debate, and by being prepared to try new things and learn from our mistakes.

From aspiration to Practical application

Our approach to diversity and inclusion will evolve as we make progress and engage with our people, our stakeholders and with our community.

To ensure we hold ourselves to account, we have set some immediate priorities and targets for FY22, along with some longer-term aspirational targets which will take us through to 2030.

Our immediate priorities are to:
  • better understand the makeup of our workforce and the assumptions driving the choices people make, with a workforce that is reflective of the ethnicity of New Zealand by 2030.
  • continue to manage and develop our future leader pipelines, including actively driving a 40 | 40 | 20 gender balance representation across Board, Leadership Team and Senior Leader populations by 2025, and 20% of people leaders of Maori / Pasifika ethnicity by 2030.
  • build a consistent ‘tone from the top’ from senior leaders throughout the Company.
  • work to understand and address the barriers that get in the way of people thriving in the Company.
  • understand and address unconscious bias through continued awareness raising, education and discussion.
  • ensure all People & Capability practices support and drive our diversity and inclusion aspirations.

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1 July 2022