Shares and bonds

Auckland Airport is listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges under the code AIA.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your shareholding account, including setting up a direct credit, change of bank account or change of address, please contact our share registrar, Link Market Services.

Share prices

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ASX AIA 1 Year Chart

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ASX AIA 1 Year Chart NZX AIA 1 Year Chart

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Share prices and charts by iguana2

Bond information

Listed Bonds

 NZX Link Maturity Date Principal ($m) Interest Rate Interest Payment Date*
AIA200 9 November 2022 100 4.28% 9 May, 9 Nov
AIA220 17 April 2023 100 3.64% 17 Apr, 17 Oct 
AIA210 2 November 2023 225 3.97% 2 May, 2 Nov
AIA230 10 October 2024 150 3.51% 10 Apr, 10 Oct
AIA240 17 November 2026 150 3.29% 17 May, 17 Nov

Wholesale Bonds

Maturity Date Principal ($m) Interest Rate Interest Payment Date*
11 October 2022 100 Floating (Margin: 70 bp) 11 Jan, 11 Apr, 11 Jul, 11 Oct

Current rating of Auckland Airport

Rating: Standard and Poors
Long-term: A-
Outlook: stable
Rating agency homepage:

Master Trust Deed - Amendment 4 October 2017

Auckland Airport and the New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited, as parties to the Master Trust Deed, have agreed to amend and restate the Master Trust Deed to incorporate recent changes to the New Zealand tax legislation regarding the application of Resident Withholding Tax and make other minor amendments considered necessary.

A copy of the Amended Trust Deed is available here.


2021 final dividend

The Board of Directors have resolved not to pay a final dividend for the 2021 financial year.

Dividend reinvestment plan

A dividend reinvestment plan is available for shareholders resident in New Zealand or Australia wishing to reinvest all or part of their future dividends in additional Auckland Airport shares.

Details of the plan, including how to participate, is available below:

Dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)

The dividend reinvestment plan is currently suspended.

Dividend Policy

Auckland Airport’s dividend policy is to pay 100% of underlying net profit after tax (excluding unrealised gains and losses arising from a revaluation of property or treasury instruments and other one-off items), noting that, in special circumstances, the directors may consider the payment of ordinary dividends above or below this level, subject to the company’s cash flow requirements, forecast credit metrics and outlook at the time.

Dividend history

Financial Year Interim Dividend Final Dividend Total Dividend
 2021 - - -
 2020 - - -
2019 11.00  11.25 22.25
2018 10.75  11.00 21.75
2017 10.00 10.50 20.50
2016 8.50 9.00 17.50
2015 7.30 7.30 14.60
2014 - 7.00 7.00
2013 5.75 6.25 12.00
2012 4.40 6.40 10.50
2011 4.00 4.70 8.70
2010 3.75 4.45 8.20
2009 3.75 4.45 8.20
2008 5.75 2.45 8.20