Conserving water

We acknowledge that potable water is a precious resource, that may become scarce as we begin to feel the impacts of climate change. We actively conserve water, and are working on the best ways to bring recycled water to our precinct for use for non-potable purposes.

We set a goal of reducing potable water use by 20 per cent per passenger by 2020 from our 2012 baseline. Unfortunately this has proven difficult in the context of a significant infrastructure development programme, triggering the reset of our approach to water reduction. We are now exploring opportunities to introduce non-potable water use across the precinct.

Water efficiency in our terminals

We are continuing to implement a rolling programme of upgrading fixtures and fittings that support water efficiency in-use, and prevent leaks.

All upgrades include a third pipe to allow the use of recycled water when it becomes available across the precinct.