Auckland Airport today

Where we have come from

For over 50 years, Auckland Airport has been New Zealand’s gateway to the world. But over this time it has also evolved to become more than just a place of kia ora and haere ra. The Auckland Airport of today drives local, regional and national economic growth not only through aviation and tourism, but as a thriving hub of commercial enterprise.

This growth is a legacy of the airport’s founders, who secured a 1,500 hectare footprint for future development. We share the same long-term vision today as the airport’s founders did 50 years ago, and we have in place a framework for growth that will see us through the next three decades, whatever they may bring.

In 2014 we launched our 30-year vision to build the ‘Airport of the Future’. Three years on, this vision is already becoming a reality, with significant development works underway and much more to come. Our role, and our privilege, is to ensure South Auckland, Auckland and New Zealand all remain well placed to take full economic advantage of the global boom in air travel.

Who we are and what we do

Located just over 20 kilometres from Auckland’s CBD, Auckland Airport connects Auckland to New Zealand and New Zealand to the world. In 2016 we welcomed over 18 million passengers through the airport, to and from 19 domestic and 46 international destinations on some 166,500 flights.

Auckland Airport is the third largest international airport in Australasia, welcoming 91% of all long haul travellers to New Zealand. We are, however, no longer just a destination in our own right, but a hub providing transit connections to Asia and the Americas. We are also New Zealand’s second largest cargo port by value, transporting over $15 billion worth of freight a year.

Auckland Airport and its surrounding area provides employment for more than 20,000 people, across over 900 different businesses. The wider airport precinct features a world-class business park, commercial office buildings and extensive leisure and recreation facilities.

Auckland Airport is operated by Auckland International Airport Limited. The company is listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges and has more than 50,000 shareholders.

Our contribution to the economy

Tourism is now New Zealand’s largest industry, directly contributing $12.9 billion to the country’s GDP. In 2016 international tourist expenditure accounted for $14.5 billion - over 20% of New Zealand’s total export earnings.

Auckland Airport is both a driver and supporter of tourism’s growth, marketing New Zealand internationally as a year-round holiday destination and supporting increased services with enhanced infrastructure and customer service. Three-quarters of all international visitors to New Zealand arrive into Auckland Airport.

We also play a significant role in international trade, with over $15 billion worth of freight passing through Auckland Airport last year.

* Source: Insight Economics: Estimating the Regional Importance of Auckland Airport, February 2014

Building the airport of the future

Building the airport of the future

We are currently investing $1 million every working day in upgrading and expanding the airport.

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