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Auckland Airport is committed to providing timely access to information about aircraft noise. We’re using the latest developments in technology to supply a direct public link to aircraft noise information, giving members of the community the ability to monitor and enquire about specific flights.

Monitor and enquire about flights

Our state-of-the-art flight monitor gives anyone online the ability to view the aircraft using Auckland Airport, and enquire about aircraft noise.

Our flight monitor system combines information from air traffic control radar and the airport noise and operations monitoring system to give an accurate picture of air traffic movements available.

Information first becomes available 25 minutes after flight movements have occurred, to maintain aviation security and ensure accurate information has been processed. The information remains online for public use for 30 days.

Our flight monitor measures the maximum noise level recorded during a single noise event - this noise measurement is known as LAmax and is useful for comparing the noise level of one individual aircraft event with another aircraft event. The LAmax noise measurement differs from the Ldn noise measurement, which is the overall day/night noise exposure level used to calculate the limits on aircraft noise. Click here for more information on how we measure aircraft noise.

How to use the flight monitor

  • To replay specific aircraft movements, select the date and time in the top left corner of the window. Choose the time by either sliding the time bar below the calendar to the left or right, or alternatively, click on the up and down option on the time bar.
  • You can choose to view aircraft movements in real-time speed, or up to 100 times faster.
  • To view real-time aircraft movements, please click on the ‘Live’ option in the top left corner of the window.
  • Hover your mouse over an aircraft icon to see its flight information, including flight number, call sign, make and model, origin and destination, altitude and speed. Click on the aircraft icon if you would like an explanation of this flight information to appear at the bottom of the left window.
  • Click on the ‘settings’ tab for additional display options. For example, to show the track density for the past two hours or to show more information about the aircraft you have selected.
  • Additional information on how to use the flight monitor are available by clicking on the ‘user guide’ tab.
  • The noise monitor icons display aircraft noise information that is either real-time or recorded at the date and time you have selected.
  • To make a noise enquiry about the flight you are monitoring (i.e. the aircraft that you have selected), please select the ‘make a noise enquiry about this aircraft’ option on the left window.
  • If you wish to make a noise enquiry, and it does not relate to a specific flight, please select the ‘make a noise enquiry’ option on the left window. Remember to deselect any aircraft you may be monitoring by clicking on it

Click here to monitor and enquire about flights.

Contact us

Our online flight monitoring system allows you to view the aircraft using Auckland Airport, and enquire about aircraft noise.

Alternatively, you can contact us with an aircraft enquiry online, or call on 09 256 8133.

We no longer accept aircraft noise complaints/enquiries by email.

View aircraft using Auckland Airport

View aircraft using Auckland Airport

Use our online tool to view aircraft traffic through Auckland Airport

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