Working with our neighbours

Supporting our local communities

We value our relationship with our neighbouring communities. Our 30-year vision supports Auckland Council’s focus on improving the South Auckland economy and increasing household incomes and job opportunities. The growth of the airport will directly benefit local communities by growing the economy and creating jobs. The construction of the airport of the future will itself directly create thousands of jobs over the next 30 years.

However we also understand that a growing city and airport has a noise impact for our neighbours. We are working to maximise the opportunity for the city from a growing airport and at the same time planning to keep impacts such as noise to a minimum.

Managing aircraft noise

We recognise that aircraft noise is a concern for some of our neighbours. As Auckland Airport grows, our role in proactively managing noise in the airport’s vicinity is also increasing. Noise is an issue for airports all over the world, and we work closely with the aviation industry to ensure our efforts are constantly reviewed and reflect international best practice.

By carefully managing the use of the existing runway we have been able to delay the need for a second runway to around 2028. We have also made a commitment that aircraft will not use this new northern runway during the night from or to the east. These steps will significantly reduce the impact of the noise on the local communities.

We will continue to work with our neighbours who are most affected by aircraft noise. The airport has a programme to provide assistance for measures that can reduce the impact of noise. These include acoustic treatment packages for insulation and ventilation for houses and schools.

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Building the airport of the future

Building the airport of the future

We are currently investing $1 million every working day in upgrading and expanding the airport.

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