Twelve Days of Christmas

Spreading a little Christmas cheer to communities across New Zealand

Recipients of Auckland Airport’s Twelve Days of Christmas grants for 2020

As we near the end of a uniquely challenging year, we’re pleased to share $100,000 of Christmas cheer among 12 charities, with Auckland Airport’s annual Twelve Days of Christmas grants.

Each year, unwanted currency placed in donation globes by travellers at Auckland Airport’s terminals is distributed as grants to charities making a difference in the local community.

Each of the following charities working in the South Auckland community has been awarded a grant of $8,333.

  • Asthma NZ
  • Auckland Puppy Rescue
  • Asylum Seekers Support Trust
  • Diabetes NZ
  • Family Success Matters
  • Mangere Budgeting Services Trust
  • Middlemore Foundation for Health Innovation
  • Multiple Sclerosis Auckland
  • Oke Charity
  • Rising Foundation
  • Soundraise
  • Strive Community Trust

All these local charities work in the areas we support as a socially responsible business: empowering people through education, helping people into employment, and protecting the environment. Each charity is being profiled by The New Zealand Herald in the days leading into Christmas.