Airport Emergency Service

Auckland Airport Emergency Service (AES) plays a key role at Auckland Airport, employing more than 60 firefighters who are responsible for providing and maintaining rescue and firefighting capability at the airport.

AES, the largest privately owned fire brigade in the country, responds to a huge range of emergency situations across the 1566 hectares that makes up the Auckland Airport precinct.

These activities include aviation firefighting, industrial firefighting, marine response, and medical response all undertaken to maintain safe and efficient operations at the airport.

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What do we do? Ready to respond

The AES team needs to get to emergency sites as quickly as possible. In dangerous situations, every second counts, so firefighters must think and act quickly to avoid tragedies.

Aviation fire & rescue

Four Rosenbauer Panthers enable us to provide fire coverage for all flights as required by CAA NZ.

Industrial fire & rescue

Our team respond alongside FENZ to all buildings on our 1566-hectare land holding. AES operate under the Fire & Emergency Act 2017 as an Industrial Brigade.

Medical response

Medical services are a large part of our role, making up over 60% of our callouts.

Marine search & rescue

With two hovercraft and two jet boats, AES are ready to assist with any search and rescue operations.

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Does this lifestyle sound like you?

Physical fitness

Being physically and medically fit is an ongoing requirement of any aviation rescue firefighter, and a full gymnasium is provided on-site for staff.


AES officers work in four shifts of eleven personnel. Shifts are often referred to as 'second families' due to the amount of time each team spend eating, sleeping, training, and working, together. Strong teamwork is essential for all members.

No two days are the same

One day you could be out on the Manukau Harbour, the next you could be responding to a medical event at the terminal, or a structural fire. The broad scope of the role makes it very different to any other emergency service.

The day usually starts with vehicle and equipment checks to ensure everything is running optimally. Followed by a formal parade and full safety briefing. The remainder of the day is dedicated to readiness with skills, and knowledge acquisition, as well as physical training.

All is in order until the siren sounds!

Balancing work and life commitments

The round the clock nature of the airport operation means AES staff work shifts of two days, followed by two nights, then four days off duty. These hours allow our firefighters to recover and balance their work and life commitments.

AES offers on-the-job training, competitive remuneration, and opportunities for career progression.

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