Managing aircraft noise

Aircraft noise is an issue for airports all over the world and Auckland Airport partners with airlines, government agencies and the community to ensure how we manage aircraft noise reflects international best practice.

There are six main things the aviation industry is doing to manage aircraft noise:

  • developing quieter planes
  • designing smarter flight paths that generate less noise over residential areas
  • working to avoid new residential areas and schools being established near the airport
  • giving the public direct and timely access to aircraft noise information so anyone can monitor, and enquire about, specific flights online.
  • providing noise mitigation packages for qualifying homes, preschools and schools located close to the airport; and
  • supporting the health and well-being of our neighbours in communities which are most affected by aircraft noise.

Contact us

Our online flight monitoring system allows you to view the aircraft using Auckland Airport, and make a complaint/enquiry about aircraft noise.

Alternatively, you can contact us 24/7 with an aircraft complaint/enquiry online, or call on 09 256 8133 or freephone 0800 466473 (0800 4 NOISE).

We no longer accept aircraft noise complaints/enquiries by email.

Understandig Noise

Understanding aircraft noise

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