Regulatory disclosures

Commerce Act - Specified Airport Services Information Disclosure

Auckland Airport is required to disclose information about its aeronautical services in accordance with the Commerce Act (Specified Airport Services Information Disclosure) Determination 2010 (“Determination”). The Determination requires the disclosure of certain information, including:

  • Annual disclosure of financial results and service quality ("Annual Disclosures"); land valuation reports prepared for the purposes of revaluing land (“Land revaluations”) and fieldwork documentation pursuant to completion of the Report on Passenger Satisfaction Indicators set out in Schedule 14 of its Annual Disclosures (“ASQ Guidelines”)
  • A price setting disclosure following each price setting event (intended to align with the five year price consultation process) ("Price Setting Disclosures")

Annual Disclosures

Price Setting Disclosures

2 August 2012

Auckland Airport is subject to the Commerce Act (Specified Airport Services Information Disclosure) Determination 2010 ("Determination") made pursuant to Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986 ("Commerce Act").

Clause 2.5 of the Determination requires the disclosure by Auckland Airport of information following the setting of aeronautical charges. Accordingly, this document is Auckland Airport's price setting disclosure under clause 2.5 of the Determination ("Disclosure").

October 2011 - Historical Price Setting Disclosure FY08 - FY12

Please note:

  • This Price Setting Disclosure is disclosed pursuant to clause 2.10(3) of the Determination.
  • Under the Determination, Price Setting Disclosures must be completed only in relation to specified airport services.
  • Accordingly, these Price Setting Disclosures should not be interpreted or read to cover the total operations of the company – the Price Setting Disclosure relates specifically and solely to specified airport services.

Airport Authorities Act - Airport Companies Information Disclosure Regulations 1999

In accordance with section 56F of the Commerce Act 1986, these regulations no longer apply.

Please note:

  • These Disclosure Financial Statements meet the requirements of the Airport Authorities (Airport Companies Information Disclosure) Regulations 1999.
  • The Regulations (Clause 6) state a specified airport company must complete Disclosure Financial Statements in relation to each balance date after 1 January 2000.
  • The Regulations (Clause 7) state the Disclosure Financial Statements must be completed only in relation to the identified airport activities.
  • Accordingly, these Disclosure Financial Statements should not be interpreted or read to cover the total operations of the company – the Disclosure Financial Statements relate specifically and solely to the identified airport activities.
  • The Disclosure Financial Statements must be completed in accordance with the Statement of Standard Accounting Practice 23 and that the following identified airport activities must be treated as separate industry segments:
    • airfield activities
    • aircraft and freight activities
    • specified terminal activities

    Electricity Industry Act 2010

    In accordance with section 77(d) of the Electricity Industry Act 2010, Auckland Airport, as an electricity distributor, is required to publicise and provide to the Electricity Authority, copies of the use-of-systems agreement between Auckland Airport and any connected retailer. Mighty River Power Limited ("MRP") is deemed to be a connected retailer of Auckland Airport by virtue of Joan Withers and James Miller being directors of both companies. On their appointments to the Board of MRP, Mr Miller was granted an exemption pursuant to section 90 of the Act to enable him to sit on the boards of both a distributor and a connected retailer and Mrs Withers was granted an exemption under the equivalent provisions of the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998 ("EIRA").

    Use of Systems Agreement between Auckland Airport and MRP dated 27 March 2002
    Variation to Use of Systems Agreement dated 30 April 2013

    Interim Report

    Interim Report

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