Relief is coming New bathrooms as Auckland Airports domestic terminal gets a spruce up

07 July 2023

  • Two upgraded bathrooms with more toilets
  • New parent rooms and accessible bathroom facilities
  • Gender-neutral toilets added.

Two of Auckland Airport’s busiest bathroom blocks are getting major makeover as part of a wider refresh of the domestic terminal.

Starting just after the July school holidays, bathroom facilities in the public areas of the domestic terminal – one near the regional arrivals and departures and one opposite the Air New Zealand bag reclaim – will be expanded and upgraded to add two new parent rooms, improved accessible toilet facilities, and introduce gender-neutral toilets.

Auckland Airport Chief Customer Officer, Scott Tasker, said while it isn’t the most glamourous of projects, everyone appreciates fresh, clean bathroom facilities.

“We’re getting on with building a new integrated terminal to replace the ageing domestic terminal. It’s a complex project that’s going to take time to deliver, so our priority is making some improvements to the current domestic terminal to ensure it’s a good experience for today’s travellers.

“Between 4.30am and 11pm more than 20,000 travellers pass through the doors of the domestic terminal, plus all those people who come to pick up and drop off friends and whānau. We know these toilets are well used and it’s time they had an upgrade.”

A better comfort stop

Customers can look forward to more space in the bathroom areas with renovation works increasing the footprint area for each facility by 35m2. Designed with travellers in mind, improvements will add a second parent room, and separate these out from the accessible toilet facilities, plus provide three new gender-neutral toilets.

“We recognise the importance of having safe and comfortable facilities available for people of any gender identity so we have included one cubicle, single person toilets, which can be used by anyone. Travel is for everybody and that needs to be reflected in our services and amenities,” Mr Tasker said.

The new-look bathrooms will also provide a first chance to get a sense of the look and feel of the interiors of the planned $2.2 billion domestic terminal.

“As we’re advancing the design of the new domestic terminal there’s an opportunity to use this bathroom upgrade to road test some of the fixtures and finishes we’ll look to use in the new terminal.”

Heading in the right direction

Alongside the bathroom refresh, work will get underway on upgrading some key services and utilities and improving signs and other wayfinding tools.

“We know navigating around the terminal is also a bit of a bugbear for people. Frequent flyers know the place like the back of their hand but if you’re coming in from overseas or don’t fly all that often it can be a little more challenging.

“We think we can solve this problem with some better signage, plus we’re investigating how we can make things like entrance doors a bit more visible and easier to find,” said Mr Tasker.

“There are definitely some quick wins we can make to provide safe, efficient, and pleasant travel experience until the new terminal is built.”

Work on the bathrooms will be coordinated with another maintenance project aimed at upgrading some of the domestic terminal’s core utilities.

“It’s going to mean a mix of public facing and behind the scenes construction work. We recognise carrying out construction in a busy airport environment has its challenges, so we’re planning this project carefully to keep disruption to a minimum, including working overnight when the terminal is closed.

“But there will also be times when temporary facilities need to be used or hoardings are up around work sites. We’re asking customers to bear with us while we work to make these improvements as quickly as possible.”

Bathroom renovations will be staged to make sure there are always toilet facilities available during construction. New regional toilets are expected to open by Christmas and the arrivals toilets will be completed by mid-2024.


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