Auckland Airport asks only departing passengers to come into the international terminal

20 March 2020

Auckland Airport is urging travellers to stay at home unless they are confirmed to depart from the international terminal within three hours.

“Auckland Airport is focussed on maintaining our operation so Kiwis can get home, and overseas travellers can get to where they need to be. The international terminal is extremely busy, and we are asking people to consider whether it’s really necessary for them to come into the building,” said General Manager Operations Anna Cassels-Brown.

“We would like only departing passengers who are booked to fly within three hours to come to the international terminal. If people are dropping someone off for a flight or picking up family and friends, please do not come into the international terminal, and instead make use of the pick-up/drop-off area for farewells or use our Wait Zone for pick-ups.”

International flights are still arriving and departing at Auckland Airport, although flight schedules have been disrupted by border changes aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19. Today, international flight arrivals and departures were down about 20% overall. On Monday, international passenger numbers were down 44% on the same day in 2019.

Auckland Airport staff are following Ministry of Health guidelines within the terminal and are reminding travellers, through roving staff and PA announcements every eight minutes, to maintain a physical distance (“social distancing”) between themselves as they wait in arrival and departure areas.

“We acknowledge this can be difficult to achieve when people are queueing, but our ask is that everyone observe social distancing protocols that have been recommended by the Government to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

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Libby Middlebrook, Head of Communications and External Relations
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