Auckland Airport Welcomes Michelle Kong into 'Future Director' Programme

30 January 2019

Auckland Airport’s Board announced today that it has selected Michelle Kong to participate in the Future Director Programme for the next 18 months.

Ms Kong will join the programme alongside her current role in Fletcher Distribution as General Manager for Digital Ventures and Snappy, a New Zealand based online hardware and building products store. Ms Kong has an extensive background in infrastructure and strategic development with over 15 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, prior to her current role. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, with first class honours in pure mathematics, as well as a Bachelor of Laws, from the University of Sydney.

The Future Director Programme identifies talented New Zealanders with proven potential to succeed in a governance role and provides them with an opportunity to observe and participate in Boardroom discussions. While the aspiring directors participate in real discussions, they do not have a role in Board decision making, and Auckland Airport has protocols in place that prevent future director participants being "deemed directors”.

Auckland Airport’s Chair, Patrick Strange, says, “Our company has benefited considerably from the Future Directors we have welcomed since joining the programme in 2013. Auckland Airport strongly believes in the value of the Future Director Programme. Our ongoing participation in the Programme helps to promote diversity of leadership and the development of governance talent. The Board looks forward to Michelle joining our discussions over the next 18 months.”

Ms Kong says, “I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Future Director Programme with Auckland Airport. This will be a great experience for me to learn first-hand real-world governance from a Board who work in a complex and multifaceted environment. I look forward to contributing a different perspective to discussions around the Board table.”


For further information contact:

Auckland Airport Public Affairs
+64 27 406 3024