New research provides insights into unlocking year-round visitation to New Zealand

07 May 2018

Unlocking opportunities for year-round visitation is important to sustain long-term growth in the tourism sector, according to research released today by Auckland Airport at their International Travel Summit in Dunedin.

For six years Auckland Airport has brought together travel and tourism leaders from throughout New Zealand to participate in an annual International Travel Summit, as an opportunity to contribute to a forum of topics that are of critical importance to the tourism sector.

Scott Tasker, Auckland Airport’s general manager aeronautical commercial, says “we know how well New Zealand does as a summer destination, but with the industry’s unprecedented growth there are opportunities to spread visitor demand across the cooler months as well as throughout regions that have the capacity to manage more visitors.”

“Research shows that across three key visitor markets of the US, China and Australia, travellers seek an ‘out of the ordinary’ experience, something that is different to their normal,” says Mr Tasker.

There are also differences between the markets when it comes to how they experience travel, which varies from observation to participation. Visitors need options when it comes to how they want to experience New Zealand, with Chinese travellers typically being more passive and Australian travellers more active with a desire for immersive experiences.

“Nature and landscapes is something our country is known for, but there is a need to reassure travellers from all markets that activities on offer in New Zealand are possible whatever the season.”

“Travellers tend to overlay their version of winter, which is typically cold and snowy, onto what a New Zealand holiday experience would be in the cooler months. How the tourism industry creates and frames up their offering during our cooler months needs to steer clear of these comparisons. Instead, the focus should be on marketing tailored offerings that align to visitor interests and experience preferences, rather than creating more activities,” says Mr Tasker.

The 2018 summit focused on this challenge of unlocking New Zealand’s year-round visitation, with a particular need to stimulate demand in the cooler months, where there are less tailored product offerings and marketing activity. You can find further insights at


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