Auckland Airport rolls out 4000 new braked baggage trolleys

24 October 2018

Auckland Airport has rolled out a fleet of 4000 new braked baggage trolleys at its domestic and international terminals.

The new trolleys are an upgrade in safety, design and functionality, and unlike many airports in the world, travellers will be provided complimentary use of the trolleys inside the airport’s terminals and carparks.

Anna Cassels-Brown, general manager operations, says, “We’re very pleased to provide our guests with new braked trolleys that will help move their luggage in and around our terminals quickly and safely.”

“It’s important we have the right infrastructure for guests travelling to and from Auckland Airport. It’s a great time to introduce a better baggage trolley product to our airport environment, especially as we approach the busiest travel period of the year, our summer peak,” says Anna.

The trolleys are made of strong, corrosion-resistant aluminium and at 10kgs lighter than the outgoing stainless steel trolleys they are easier for guests to handle. The wheels are made of a dual composite rubber for smoother movement and durability.

“While each trolley can handle a load of 300kgs, we’re certainly not suggesting you should travel with this much luggage,” says Anna.

The old stainless steel trolleys have been removed from Auckland Airport and their components will be recycled. Some of the old trolleys in serviceable condition will be offered to smaller airports across the country.

The new braked baggage trolleys were manufactured in Germany by Expresso Deutschland GmbH and have been sourced for Auckland Airport by Smarte Carte.


For further information please contact:

Auckland Airport Public Affairs
+64 27 477 6120