Auckland Airport advice for international travellers this summer

05 December 2018

The summer is traditionally the busiest time of the year for Auckland Airport but this year a raft of upgrades to both the departures terminal and the roading system should make life easier for travellers.

Indications are that this year will be our busiest summer yet, with international travellers coming to New Zealand merging with local travellers heading away to see family and friends for the holidays, and already visitor numbers are growing says Auckland Airport’s general manager of operations, Anna Cassels-Brown.

“This year will be at least 10% busier than last summer, so it’s important to be prepared for that,” she says.

“Even with the changes we’ve made there’s still a need for travellers to be prepared if they’re coming to the airport on these key dates.”

To make the journey as smooth as we can, the airport has introduced a number of initiatives to help travellers this summer season.

Anna's five tips for a smooth journey:

  1. It will be busy so plan your trip with extra time built in – at least 30 minutes extra to get to the terminal and complete departure processes.
  2. Book your parking ahead of time or, if you can, take public transport to the terminal.
  3. If you’re picking someone up from the airport, make use of our Wait Zones (follow the pink signs). We’ve increased the free parking period to 45 minutes for the summer so you can get there in plenty of time. If there is traffic congestion when dropping people off drivers can use our Drop & Ride service to avoid driving around the terminal itself. Located in the Park & Ride on Verissimo Drive, it allows you to drop off your traveller who can then take one of the buses that run to the terminal every 15 minutes.
  4. If in doubt, ask. We have extra staff on over summer to help ease your journey.
  5. Download the Auckland Airport app and add flight details so you can see at a glance travel time to the airport and estimated queue time for Aviation Security.

The airport has more than 80 Customer Service Hosts, to help our travelling guests in the terminals.

“If you are feeling under pressure, or are unsure where to go or what to do if you’re running late, just ask. We are here to help,” says Anna.

Finally, the key is to get through the processing formalities early so you can relax before you fly.

“We have a brand new departures area that has added shops, new restaurants and bars, and new seating areas which have lots of phone charging points and art works to enjoy,” says Anna.

Auckland Airport would like to thank travellers for their patience and good humour during this time.

“We know it is going to be especially busy at this time of year and we want to thank everyone in advance. If we all allow a bit more time and plan our travel, from home to airplane, things will run smoothly for everyone.”


For further information please contact:

Auckland Airport Public Affairs
+64 27 406 3024

Notes for media:

The top ten busiest days at Auckland Airport’s international terminal during this summer peak season are expected to be:

  1. 18 January 2019
  2. 23 December 2018
  3. 26 December 2018
  4. 3 January 2019
  5. 20 December 2018
  6. 4 January 2019
  7. 5 January 2019
  8. 21 December 2018
  9. 6 January 2019
  10. 22 December 2019

We expect to see over 40,000 travellers on each of these days (up from our usual 32,000-34,000) and more than 90,000 cars a day visiting the airport.

The Auckland Airport app is available from both Apple Store and the Google Play store.

For more information on Wait Zones:

For more information on Drop & Ride: