Temporary increase in use of SMART approach flight path to save around 2,000 litres of aviation fuel per day

19 September 2017

Airways New Zealand, the Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (BARNZ) and Auckland Airport have announced today the decision to temporarily increase the number of flights permitted to use the Green X23A SMART Approach flight path to the airport.

The Green X23A SMART Approach is a satellite-guided flight path to Runway 23L at the airport. It operates between 7am and 10pm and is usually capped at a maximum of 10 flights per day.

SMART Approaches reduce aircraft noise, deliver benefits for the environment and use less fuel.

The temporary increase in the number of flights using the Green X23A SMART Approach – from 10 to 20 flights per day – will apply from 5pm today. It will end when the damaged fuel pipeline to Auckland is repaired and oil companies stop the rationing of fuel to airlines at Auckland Airport.

BARNZ’s executive Director, Justin Tighe-Umbers, says, “Airlines are currently doing everything they can to save and conserve fuel, given the fuel rationing put in place by the oil companies. The decision to temporarily increase the daily cap by 10 flights per day will enable airlines to save approximately 2,000 litres of fuel per day. That’s almost the amount of fuel needed by an A320 aircraft to fly from Auckland to Wellington, so we welcome the additional supply created by this decision.”

Airways New Zealand’s acting general manager of system operations, Tim Boyle, says, “Given the extraordinary need to conserve fuel at this time, we hope Aucklanders understand the need to temporarily increase the maximum number of flights on Green X23A – which has been made in the best interests of the city and the country.”

Auckland Airport’s acting general manager of aeronautical operations, Anil Varma, says, “We have informed both central and local government and the Chair of the Aircraft Noise Community Consultative Group of this temporary increase.”

More information about SMART Approaches is available online at www.aucklandflightpathtrial.co.nz.


Below: Map of Green X23A SMART Approach flight path

For further information please contact:

Justin Tighe-Umbers, BARNZ, (09) 358 0696
Emily Davies, Airways New Zealand, 021 815 149
Simon Lambourne, Auckland Airport, 027 477 6120