Auckland Airport changes ASX listing to foreign exempt

21 April 2016

Auckland Airport advises that it has changed its ASX admission category from an ASX Listing to an ASX Foreign Exempt Listing, effective from 22 April 2016.

Scott Weenink, Auckland Airport’s general counsel & company secretary, says, “This change in admission category will reduce our compliance costs and means we will be expected to comply primarily with the rules of our home exchange, the Listing Rules of the NZX Main Board.”

“Auckland Airport continues to have a full listing on the NZX Main Board and our shares will continue to be listed on ASX.”

“We remain committed to best practice in corporate governance, including the guidelines of the NZX, ASX and the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority,” says Mr Weenink.


Analysts: For further information please contact:
Scott Weenink
+64 27 883 8065

Media: For further information please contact:
Simon Lambourne
+64 27 477 6120