2015 Annual Meeting poll results

22 October 2015

The annual meeting of shareholders of Auckland International Airport Limited was held this morning. All resolutions put to the meeting were passed by shareholders. Full details of the polls conducted are set out below.

Mr Richard Didsbury was re-elected to the board. He was appointed a director of the company in 2007.

Mr Brett Godfrey was re-elected to the board. He was appointed a director of the company in 2010.

Dr Patrick Strange was elected to the board. His nomination was unanimously endorsed and his election as an independent director follows the retirement of Mr John Brabazon.

The total quantum of Directors’ fees was increased by $42,699 from $1,423,298 to $1,465,997, an increase of 3%.

Deloitte was automatically reappointed as auditor under section 207T of the Companies Act 1993. Directors were authorised to fix the fees and expenses of the auditor.

Resolution For Against % supporting resolution

Resolution For Against % Supporting Resolution
1. Re-election of Mr Richard Didsbury
1,371,758 99.81%
2. Re-election of Mr Brett Godfrey
3. Election of Dr Patrick Strange
4. Directors’ remuneration 696,742,159
5. Auditor
727,453,459 4,812,067 99.34%

Note to media: These results of the shareholder polls taken at the 2015 Auckland Airport annual meeting were counted by Link Market Services and scrutinised by the company’s auditor, Deloitte.


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