World first as Auckland welcomes three A380s at one time

02 October 2013

Auckland Airport has become the first airport outside of Emirates’ home hub in Dubai to have three scheduled A380s on the ground at one time, following today’s inaugural triple daily A380 flight from Brisbane and Dubai.

“This is a wonderful achievement for Auckland Airport and a significant day for New Zealand travel, trade and tourism,” says Adrian Littlewood, chief executive of Auckland Airport.

In preparation for today, Auckland Airport invested $3.5 million to upgrade its infrastructure and ensure it had sufficient dual boarding gates to simultaneously process a third A380 aircraft.

“Emirates is the largest foreign carrier of European passengers to Auckland. The commencement of this third daily A380 service indicates the commitment Emirates has to the New Zealand market and to growing passenger demand by adding more capacity.”

“The additional capacity this third A380 brings is equivalent to an extra 100,000 seats on the route, and an additional $100 million to our economy, every year,” continues Mr Littlewood.

“The Middle-East is a critically important market for New Zealand and the increased capacity on this route demonstrates the attractiveness of Dubai as a destination for New Zealanders. It will also help stimulate trade between our two countries.”

“Since its arrival in New Zealand nearly 10 years ago, Emirates has experienced significant growth. It is worth recognising visionary airlines such as Emirates, as it highlights the potential for the aviation industry to open up new markets and connections in a short time span. Building on those connections is crucial for our customers, our city and most importantly our country,” Mr Littlewood concludes.


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