TriStar moving in

01 July 2013

Tri Star Worldwide Logistics

The Auckland Airport Business District welcomed another new tenant in April – Tri-Star Worldwide Logistics.

Founded in 1990, Tri-Star has developed a reputation as one of the country’s leading independent freight forwarding and logistics providers. The company’s supply partnerships and nationwide coverage appeal to a broad range of industry types, from food importers to electricity providers, which is why they jumped on the chance to move even closer to the airport.

The company’s new facility at 4 Manu Tapu Drive is bigger and, after a number of adjustments, more purpose-built for their requirements than its previous home. The extensive canopy provides for all-weather loading or unloading of containers and trucks, and its Customs, MPI and RACA accredited warehouse has also been extended.

The space was originally home to spazioCasa, which has now moved into the Landing precinct.