New access control system FAQs

04 November 2013

access control system

As covered in the October issue of the Airport Times, Auckland Airport is switching to a new access control system. As work starts on this in the domestic terminal, we thought we’d answer a few questions you might have.

Q: How do I tell the new system from the old one?
A: The new reader has a keypad and an LCD screen, as well as being blue-grey in colour.

Q: How will I know when the new system is operational?
A: The new system will be set up alongside the old one but with a “not in use” sticker across it. After the switchover, this will be removed and placed over the old reader until it is taken off the wall.

Q: When will the change occur?
A: The domestic terminal will be first in November and December. The international terminal and all other readers will follow next year.

Q: Does the change mean I have to get a new identity card?
A: Yes, but the current airport identity cards will remain valid up until their printed expiry date. This means you will carry two (or possibly more) cards for a period of time – your existing Airport Identity Card and a CEM access card for the new readers.

Q: What happens when my airport access card expires?
A: It MUST be returned to AVSEC in order to get your new identity card printed on a new CEM card. You will still need to go to the airport operations building to get your access loaded onto your new card after that.

Q: How will I know which card operates which reader?
A: If you carry them together with your Airport Identity Access card on top, you can badge the reader with the two cards together and the reader will recognise the appropriate card.

Q: Why do I have to have a holder for the new cards?
A: The new cards have a chip and a large aerial in them and therefore need to be protected from being damaged.

Q: What do I do if I cannot access a reader I could previously or my card doesn’t work?
A: The LCD screen will show a message to indicate why the door has not opened for your card. Advise your manager of the message and they will tell you what to do.

Click here for more FAQs and images of the new readers. Airport Operations will have a special office in place to manage issues arising through the changeover, however, your first port of call should be your manager.