New access control system

29 September 2013

access control system

How you access the various parts of the airport is going to change over the next 12 months as Auckland Airport replaces its current access control system with one that will help enhance security at the airport, both now and into the future.

The first part of this rollout is in the domestic terminal building. You’ll start to notice existing identity card readers with “not in use” stickers on them and as this becomes a more common sight you will be issued with a second access card that will operate the new system once it has been turned on. An office has been set up in the domestic terminal specifically for this purpose.

It is expected that the domestic terminal will have been switched over to the new system by Christmas and then the focus will shift to the international terminal.

All efforts are being made to ensure this transition is seamless and that it doesn’t disrupt the daily operation of the airport. To help with this, it is important that staff members get a new card when requested to do so, as well as be patient if there are any minor glitches as information is transferred to the new system.

The new system is designed for airports and has been tried and tested in many major airports around the world, including London Heathrow, Hong Kong and Dubai. It uses intelligent readers that hold database information and can operate when the database power is temporarily disabled.

For the future, the system also has the ability to interface with CCTV, intercoms systems and intruder alarms.

Keep an eye out for our FAQs articles in the next issue of the Airport Times.