Auckland Taxi Association claims false and misleading

06 December 2013

Claims by the Auckland Taxi Association that 50 drivers who have been campaigning for better conditions at Auckland Airport have been sacked are false.

Richard Barker, Auckland Airport’s general manager retail and commercial, says, “Almost two months ago President Taxi sought to cancel its taxi service contract with Auckland Airport and we agreed to this request which will be effective from 11 December 2013.”

“This contractual decision was made on 17 October 2013 and is not related to the recent threatened protest action from the Auckland Taxi Association Incorporated.”

“To minimise any impact on the 50 President Taxi drivers, Auckland Airport decided that President Taxi’s 50 airport operating permits could be transferred to other licenced airport taxi companies. This decision was specifically made to ensure that drivers were not negatively impacted by the decision of President Taxi.”

“Once the 50 drivers have transferred to other licenced airport taxi companies, they can continue to operate at Auckland Airport, and we will ensure their access cards are promptly updated to ensure there is no inconvenience to the drivers.”

“Auckland Taxi Association should not mislead the public by making false accusations as they have done today,” says Mr Barker.


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