Auckland Airport and Auckland Taxi Association resolve protesting taxi driver concerns

12 December 2013

Auckland Airport and the Auckland Taxi Association have met and resolved the concerns of the protesting taxi drivers.

Richard Barker, Auckland Airport’s general manager retail and commercial, and Manmohan Singh, spokesman for the Auckland Taxi Association, say, “We are very pleased to have finally resolved the drivers’ concerns.”

“We have agreed to the following actions that are intended to improve the income levels and work environment of taxi drivers, while at the same time ensuring that any actions do not negatively impact airport passengers and the non-Association taxi drivers working at the airport:

1. Auckland Airport continuing to support the transfer of any driver who wishes to transfer to other licenced airport taxi companies.

2. Auckland Airport trialling a new short fare system that allows free flow taxi drivers to re-enter directly into the main rank after they have completed a short fare trip. This is expected to reduce by 50% the drivers’ waiting time for their next fare and allow taxi drivers a full fare faster. Auckland Airport has revised the geographic boundary of the airport precinct fare to the airport land boundary – Verissimo Drive to the North and the scenic viewing area on Puhinui Road - and will provide additional rank spaces for returning short fare taxis at both terminals.

3. Auckland Airport arranging a meeting next week between the Auckland Taxi Association and the ADT traffic marshals to improve the relationship between parties.

4. Auckland Airport trialling the use of a transport concierge at the international terminal to ensure that passengers are aware of all available transport options. This aims to solve concerns that customers are confused as to where the front of rank is and it may also reduce the number of short fares and fare refusals by increasing customer awareness of the free inter-terminal bus option.

5. Auckland Airport improving external signage at the domestic terminal, and internal and external signage at the international terminal that directs customers to the free flow taxi rank via door 7. Signage will include floor decals, poster boards and wayfinding. Temporary signage will be arranged immediately and permanent signage will be installed early 2014. Auckland Airport will also facilitate improved access to the free flow rank at the international terminal by the removal of one seat and the addition of ground markings at door 8. At the domestic terminal Auckland Airport will improve access by removing the surplus taxi spaces prior to the barrier and realigning external ground markings.

6. Auckland Airport upgrading the following taxi driver work environment facilities: sunshelter, drinking water and toilets.

“The above actions will be reviewed by Auckland Airport after one year, with a progress review of these actions undertaken by 30 April 2014. In order to foster and maintain a good relationship the Association and Auckland Airport will meet quarterly.”

“As a result of this agreement Auckland Taxi Association agrees to stop its protest action and resume work at the airport.”


For further information please contact:

Simon Lambourne
+64 9 255 9089
+64 27 477 6120
[email protected]


Manmohan Singh
+64 21 655 519
[email protected]