Airport retains sustainability certification

03 June 2013

Earthcheck certification

Auckland Airport’s position as a sustainable destination has been proven once again by retaining its silver certification with Earthcheck.

As the global travel and tourism industry’s key benchmarking, certification and environmental management programme, Earthcheck certification puts businesses through a rigorous auditing process each year, something that ensures they are continuously striving for improved performance.

For Auckland Airport, that process focused on all areas of airport operations, from carbon emissions to the use of biodegradable chemicals and sustainability adviser Martin Fryer says he is incredibly pleased with the rating.

“The Earthcheck Standard is continually reviewed and updated so the bar is raised ever higher. Being part of the Earthcheck programme means Auckland Airport will always be at the leading edge of sustainable tourism practice, which is why it is part of our long-term sustainability plan.”

That long-term plan also includes taking it up a level towards the gold and platinum certification.