Working for a sustainable future

04 March 2012

airport sustainability plan 2030

Auckland Airport’s next sustainability plan is taking a long-term approach – looking towards 2030 – and we’re after your thoughts and ideas.

The plan considers areas such as airport resource use, the company’s social impact, sustainable transport and how the company reports on its performance.

Auckland Airport is already getting attention for its sustainability achievements, most recently as the only company at the 2011 S60 Sustainable Business awards to be nominated in all five categories. They also came out on top in the Strategy and Governance category.

Some absolute targets have been suggested around reporting, supply chain, customer engagement and urban design, including a potential 80 per cent reduction in waste sent to landfill, and water and energy use.

Sustainability adviser Martin Fryer also suggests discussing it with the next generation. “By 2030 we will all be living in a very different world, so it’s a good idea to ask your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces what they think an airport will look like, or what they think it should be like in terms of their experience as a passenger.

“How do they think they will get here? Will they still be carrying luggage? Will they still need a passport? Will they be greeted by someone behind a check-in desk? How will the aircraft be fuelled? What will the terminal be powered by?”

At this stage there are no right or wrong answers, so if you’ve got a dream about a future Auckland Airport, as a passenger terminal or a place to work, then contact Martin directly at [email protected].