Turning on the lights

01 June 2012

new lights at airport

A new kind of light is landing at Auckland Airport’s departures area, saving energy at the same time as creating a much-improved environment for staff and customers.

Over the next six weeks every light fitting in the area – from the baggage conveyor to the check-in desks, queuing area and concourse – will be replaced with energy efficient LED. The result

The new fittings will reduce glare and create an “always open for business” look and feel for departing passengers.

0800 Save Energy, who are offering the turn-key installation, are also providing an intelligent computer controlled system that will allow remote light level changes on individual fittings. The system also logs on when any of the light fittings fail so maintenance can respond quickly and energy savings will be tracked for the next three years.

Martin Fryer, Sustainability Advisor, is excited about the project. “In this one project we will improve the working environment, reduce energy consumption, improve the passenger experience and visibly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.”