Safety First

05 November 2012

Integrity Plus

Keeping Auckland Airport a safe and secure place for everyone to enjoy takes commitment, vigilance and your help – hence the Crimestoppers NZ Integrity Plus service.

This service provides you with an anonymous support line to report any harassment, discrimination, intimidation or suspicious behavior that you may have witnessed in the Airport precinct.

All you have to do is call 0800 INFORM (0800 463 676). Your call will be answered in the Crimestoppers call centre, and although they will take down the details about what’s happening and where, they will not ask who you are, record the call, use caller ID or make any attempt to identify you.

The information will then be fed back to Auckland Airport who will decide on an appropriate course of action.

Alternatively, you can also use Integrity Plus’ online reporting tool through the Crimestoppers website. Simply go to and follow the Integrity Plus prompts.

In order to raise awareness of Integrity Plus, you will start to see these posters around the airport over the coming weeks. So if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable, speak up and call 0800 INFORM.