Offer Opening Announcement

30 November 2012

Auckland International Airport Limited (“Auckland Airport”) today announced it is making an offer of up to NZ$100 million of unsecured unsubordinated fixed rate bonds (“Bonds”).

Auckland Airport is the owner and operator of Auckland International Airport (the “Airport”), New Zealand’s largest and busiest airport in terms of both passenger movement and revenue and owns stakes in North Queensland Airports, Australia (Cairns and Mackay Airports) and Queenstown Airport.

Net proceeds from the issue of Bonds are intended for general corporate purposes of Auckland Airport, including retirement of debt, capital expenditure and growth opportunities that may arise.

The full details of the offer of the Bonds are contained in a Prospectus and Investment Statement each dated 30 November 2012 (“Offer Documentation”).

The Bonds will have a maturity of 13 December 2019 and are expected to be quoted on the NZX Debt Market*.

An announcement of the issue margin and the interest rate will be made following the bookbuild process, expected to be on 10 December 2012.

The Bonds have been assigned a credit rating of A- by Standard & Poor’s.

There is no public pool for the offer. Investors interested in the offer should contact the Lead Manager, Co-Manager or their usual financial adviser, to request a free copy of the Prospectus and Investment Statement.**

Lead Manager: ANZ on 0800 269 476
Co-Manager: Forsyth Barr on 0800 367 227

*Application has been made to NZX Limited (NZX) for permission to quote the Bonds on the NZX Debt Market and all the requirements of NZX relating to that application that can be complied with on or before the date of the Offer Documentation have been duly complied with. However NZX accepts no responsibility for any statement in the Offer Documentation or this announcement. NZX is a registered exchange, and the NZX Debt Market is a registered market, each regulated under the Securities Markets Act 1988.

**Application for the Bonds can only be made using the application form included in the Investment Statement. No applications for the Bonds will be accepted or money received unless the subscriber has received a copy of the Investment Statement. The minimum application amount is for Bonds with a principal amount of at least NZ$10,000 and multiples of NZ$1,000 thereafter.


For further information, please contact:

Julia Belk
Treasury and Investor Relations Specialist
+64 9 255 9212, +64 21 2408 997