More passengers needed for staff shuttles

04 March 2012

staff shuttles auckland airport

Keen interest from staff in Pukekohe who predominantly work office hours of 8.30am to 5pm means that one shuttle is close to being launched. Just a couple more will make it fly!

The staff shuttles are open to anyone who works at the airport, and are driven by a staff member who gets to and from work for FREE in exchange for picking up passengers. Each passenger pays a flat monthly fee that works out much cheaper than running a car.

It’s one way of reducing congestion on the roads and providing staff with a stress-fee, cost-effective way to get to work.

There is also interest from a small group in Ellerslie, and if the numbers can be found (we’re looking for five or six people) then shuttles will also be considered from other areas of Auckland.

Talk to your workmates and see if Jucy Share is for you.

You can register at