Volcanic ash clouds update

22 June 2011

Please note that there have been disruptions to scheduled flights in the Pacific region, including New Zealand, as a result of a volcanic eruption in Chile. Passengers should contact their airline for information about specific flights. The situation is being closely monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority and Met Service, who are providing information and advice to airlines. It is the individual airline decision, based on advice and on a risk assessment, as to whether or not a scheduled flight will proceed.

aial planes


Q: The Auckland Airport flight information displays (FID’s) sometimes show different information to the airline websites. Why is that?

A: The Auckland Airport FID’s displays rely on information provided by airlines. If in doubt use the airline information.

Q: My flight has been cancelled but I am worried that it may be rescheduled without me knowing, should I come out to the airport and wait?

A: We recommend that you speak to your airline first. Being at the airport will not impact on the airline prioritisation of passengers.

Q: Where can I go to get more information about the ash cloud?

A: We recommend you check the Met Service or Civil Aviation Authority websites for information about ash clouds

Q: Why are some airlines flying and not others?

A: Each airline is making individual decisions to fly or not based on regular expert advice and risk assessments.

Q: What do I do if I am stuck in Auckland with no options or means?

A: We recommend you speak to your airline in the first instance. If you are an international visitor, we also recommend you contact your consulate or embassy to discuss any other options.

Q: Why can’t Auckland Airport influence grounded airlines to recommence flying?

A: It is the individual decision of each airline as to whether or not they fly, and Auckland Airport fully respects that decision.