Keeping Auckland Airport safe

28 April 2011

We have been working closely with a major airline recently to address the continuing problem of unruly passengers – or 'air rage' as it is now fashionably known.

The Airport Police will be waiting for any passenger who causes unrest on an aircraft, the full consequences of which can often be judicial, financial and of great embarrassment.

Airline staff have a difficult job to do and their professionalism is admirable in what can be trying circumstances, confined spaces, long hours and differing time zones.

As passengers we want you to enjoy the experience of international and domestic travel – by all means partake in a social drink, but be very aware of the potential cocktail effects: alcohol + altitude = attitude.

Opinions towards air rage are changing amongst the travelling public and it is not considered acceptable to abuse another passenger or a member of the crew.

The Airport Police fully endorse this and will respond accordingly.