Police Message

29 March 2010

The aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake was a very busy period for the Airport Police.

Like other police teams, the airport was immediately on stand-by to offer support to anyone that needed it; travelling passengers, displaced tourists, members of the public and our own colleagues at Christchurch Airport. Many of the Christchurch team were still at work while events were unfolding, trying to restore some semblance of normality to their workplaces, all the time knowing that their own lives were fractured.

What quickly became apparent was the speed of the response, both nationally and internationally.

It was heart-warming to greet the search and rescue teams from around the world as they arrived into New Zealand, intent on saving lives and reinstating essential services.

Once more we examine our own levels of response. Rest assured – in the event of a crisis situation, Auckland is like any other international airport: staff are trained and ready.

In the meantime our thoughts remain focused upon Christchurch. We thank the first responders for their valiant efforts and the public for being so patient.

Police image – status quo