Secure for takeoff

28 April 2011

Recently Auckland Airport and New Zealand owned and operated Matrix Security began working together to improve the safety of the landside buildings and common areas at the airport.

Matrix securityAccording to Neil Grimstone, security staff services manager for Matrix Security, the range of cargo, freight forwarding and contract warehousing companies together with expansive car parking and viewing areas provides opportunities for would-be offenders.

“Fortunately at Matrix Security we have an extensive track record in bringing criminals to account. Working closely with the police and private investigators we source and gather intelligence that is briefed to all security officers on patrol. We are also adept at identifying suspicious activity,” says Neil.

Within the first month of their patrols, a suspicious car was spotted late one night and a fast-thinking Matrix Security officer quickly became aware that something was amiss. An instant call to the police, while he kept watch on the vehicle, led to all three occupants being arrested on a drugs charge and quantities of methamphetamine and drug utensils being confiscated.

The offenders could well have been high as a kite – but they weren’t going to be cleared for take off with Matrix Security on guard!