Making things easier

28 September 2011

Modifications are taking place that will help make visiting Auckland Airport a more positive experience for those with disabilities.

The visually impaired will find navigating the Airport’s stairways and corridors that much easier now that stainless steel handrails are being modified to roll downwards rather than hugging the corners.

It may sound like a small change, but it means that rather than following the handrail around the corner – and often straight into a dead end – the downward curve signals that they are heading in the correct direction and should continue straight ahead.

Who knew that a handrail design could be so important?

Many of the Airport’s bathrooms, already equipped for people with mobility and disability issues, are being converted to unisex bathrooms, effectively increasing the number of disabled bathrooms.

The inter-terminal bus is also being fitted with hydraulic capabilities so that it can lower the door landing to a more comfortable height for those who might normally find the step challenging. The feature is also adjustable to allow for the varied needs of different users.

Additional disabled carparks have also been added to the inner forecourt.

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference, and information now available to Auckland Airport helps ensure they consider the needs of a much wider group of people.

Stay tuned to the Airport Times or head to the Auckland Airport website to get updates of the changes that are happening to make the user experience even better.