We know when you're arriving

25 February 2010

The Advanced Passenger Display (APD) system has gone live at Auckland Airport providing vital information on arriving passengers for airport staff.

The large display screens are up and running in the arrival area of the international terminal, divulging statistics on arriving passengers such as total numbers and how many of the passengers are New Zealanders or Australians versus other nationalities, as well as crew totals.

The information is updated every 30 minutes, and runs 27 hours ahead of scheduled arrival times. This means areas such as Customs, MAF and Immigration now have essential data that allows them to correctly resource for different groups of passengers, and streamline processes at certain times of the day.

The system is hugely exciting for Auckland Airport, as it ensures a higher level of service for passengers arriving into Auckland, and means a better overall experience.

It is also another step in the right direction for the government’s focus on making the trans-Tasman processes easier.