The Smarter way to go through Customs

29 October 2010

Whether you’re arriving home or departing for a flight, waiting in line to have your passport checked can be a bit of a drag.

But thanks to a New Zealand Customs initiative called Smart Gate, things are about to change. From December, Australian and New Zealand passport holders over 18 will be able to self-process their passports on all flights departing to and arriving from Australia.

You can still choose to do it manually, but as long as you have an ePassport – the one with the little camera symbol on the passport – you can avoid the line ups and save time at a Smart Gate.

Just look for the Smart Gate kiosks located to the far right of the passport control area. Then place your passport in the reader and answer the standard declaration questions using the touch screen.

When you’re done, the kiosk will give you a Smart Gate ticket to take to your gate.

Try it for yourself next month.