Sneak peek at a Novotel room

29 October 2010

Anyone who’s been anywhere near the airport in recent months will have noticed the rapidly rising structure of the Novotel hotel in the international terminal car park. The hotel is an eagerly anticipated addition to the airport environment, and we know you’re curious about how construction is going.

With this in mind, the attached images offer a sneak peek at the first completed hotel room in the new Novotel.

The rooms maximise space and light, with a clear glass bathroom able to transform into a fully private space with a flick of a button. The design is contemporary but practical, optimising space, while providing transparency and fluidity between zones.

They will also have the latest in interactive communication and connectivity solutions, with desks that can convert into comfortable tables for dining and other activities.

All the interiors at the new Novotel are designed to promote the openness and diversity of New Zealand’s people and natural environment, to give visitors an insight into the unique qualities of New Zealand, and to provide a lasting hospitality experience for visitors.

hotel room preview