Stop, and SHOP!

01 May 2010

A whole new experience in duty free shopping now awaits anyone travelling overseas from Auckland Airport.

As part of the airport redevelopment, JR Duty Free and DFS have both built new stores, each of which opened today.

To celebrate the opening, DFS consumer marketing manager Sharon Ng says various in-store events will be held every day in May. For one event, “Malibu By You”, Malibu has produced a limited edition bottle not available anywhere else in New Zealand or Australia. It comes with markers so that buyers can draw on their bottle to make it unique. The store has set up a large bottle-shaped transparency and an artist will use it to give customers ideas about what to put on their own bottles.

JR Duty Free chairman Garry Stock urges people to “look to the right”. There they will find an attractive, exciting shopping experience within an easy-to-use layout. “We have tried to develop something new and fresh to complement the redevelopment of the airport.”