Keeping our air clean

02 June 2010

Have you noticed that the air in the check-in area of the international terminal is clearer and fresher?

Auckland Airport, in conjunction with Steril-Aire and EconAir, has installed a trial ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation system into an air-handling unit. The unit began operating on May 11 and the trial will last for two months.

The system shines UV light on internal mechanisms keeping them free of dirt and mould. This enables the system to run efficiency, reducing energy and maintenance costs, and improving indoor air quality.

The technology is new to New Zealand airports but is widely used in sterile applications such as hospitals and laboratories. The installation is just one recommendation, from a detailed energy audit undertaken in 2009, being implemented by Auckland Airport over the next eighteen months.

“This is a real win-win for Auckland Airport, reduced energy costs, reduced carbon footprint and improved air quality for our passengers and tenants,” says sustainability advisor Martin Fryer.

After the initial trial, the technology will be rolled out across the entire international terminal.

Martin Fryer with the new UV sterilisation system which will help to purify the air in the international terminal.