Novotel Hotel - On the way up

01 April 2010

For anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the construction work outside the international terminal, or if you’ve been peeking through the viewing holes in the hoardings, here’s an official update on the progress on the new airport hotel.

The good news is that the project is running on schedule, with the piling works complete and all the in-ground work finished. The first three above-ground floors of the hotel are in the process of being erected, with the columns starting to take shape.

These three bottom floors will host the restaurant and bar, as well as the conference facilities and function room. Pouring the concrete for the three floors is a little different than you’d expect. Level three will be poured first, which is scheduled to take place in mid-late April, before heading down to two and finally one.

The first of the guest rooms starts at the third level, which is high enough that rooms on the western side of the hotel will get a view over the terminal and see the planes taking off and landing – a plane spotter’s paradise.

Once construction reaches this level, it will be above the hoardings, and the work will be more visible to everyone at the airport.