Auckland Airport welcomes NZTA lane addition on SH20

06 May 2010

Auckland Airport congratulates NZTA on further improvements to SH20

Additional northbound lane speeds up traffic from airport to city

Auckland Airport today thanked NZTA for their recent initiative in adding a third northbound lane on the Mangere Bridge.

“This NZTA initiative has had an immediate and very positive impact on northbound car and bus traffic peak congestion for people travelling from the airport,” said Auckland Airport’s general manager corporate affairs, Charles Spillane, “and we want to recognise NZTA and their partners for delivering this improvement.”

The airport also looks forward to the greater reliability of transport to and from the airport that will result from the second Manukau Harbour crossing that is due to open well ahead of schedule in August.

“This will deliver real improvements for the travelling public. By completing the second Manukau Harbour crossing, the Auckland region will receive, much earlier than expected, the considerable benefits of improved accessibility to our major international transport hub and improved connectivity between Auckland’s western, central and southern areas,” said Mr Spillane.