Auckland Airport reverts standby runway to taxiway status

12 February 2010

At midnight on 10 February 2010, the Auckland Airport standby runway, parallel to the main runway, reverted in official status to a taxiway. This technical change, in planning since October 2009, was managed in close consultation with Airways New Zealand, Air New Zealand, and the New Zealand Airline Pilots Association.

Auckland Airport’s chief operating officer aeronautical, Tony Gollin, said, “This reversion to a taxiway status, instigated through constructive discussions with our partners, has been well received. The original change in status to a standby runway from a taxiway occurred in 2001 to ensure appropriate cover while the main runway undertook extensive upgrading. In reverting to a taxiway, modifications have been made to the runway markings that will simplify the airport information documents needed by pilots. While the taxiway can always be changed back for use as a standby runway if circumstances dictate, we are pleased to make this change now in order to help make the jobs of pilots and air-traffic controllers at Auckland easier.”


For further information, please contact:

Richard Llewellyn
Senior communications manager
Auckland Airport
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