Auckland Airport boosts New Zealand tourism promotion

10 June 2009

Auckland Airport announced today at TRENZ, the country’s biggest tourism trade event, that it has commenced promotional activity to support, maintain and develop new air services.

Auckland Airport chief executive, Simon Moutter said, “For the first time we are promoting New Zealand tourism and trade in joint ventures with airlines, distribution partners and government.”

Two joint venture marketing campaigns have already commenced, one involving a newspaper promotion in India with Malaysia Airlines, and another with Emirates and a specialist winter holiday wholesaler promoting ski holidays into New Zealand. In each case, Auckland Airport has contributed market and distribution expertise and promotional funding alongside the partners.

Simon added, “While we already have another five or six joint venture campaigns in the pipeline, Auckland Airport is actively looking for more win-win opportunities with all our airline, trade, and tourism customers to promote travel to New Zealand through Auckland. Distribution partnerships and industry development are vital to the development of air services and the consequent growing of tourism and trade volumes for New Zealand.”

Each proposition will be assessed on a case by case basis, working strategically with partners to help grow the market.

“While these campaigns represent a relatively small stake in terms of promotional funding, we believe we are in a unique position to deliver considerable value to New Zealand tourism because of our understanding of air service development and our strong relationships with the airlines that fly, or potentially will fly, to New Zealand.”

Every year more than 13,000,000 travellers pass through Auckland Airport, making it an integral cog in the wheel of the New Zealand tourism industry. The airport plays a huge role in growing tourism, providing more choice for travellers and stimulating demand.

Simon said, “At Auckland Airport, we’re lifting our level of effort and financial commitment to support much needed growth in tourism during these tough times. We want to strengthen our connective link in the tourism value chain by helping develop more air services, providing a more compelling business proposition to airlines, and helping to promote New Zealand. This level of effort has been reflected by the independent Skytrax awards, with Auckland Airport yesterday being recognised as the best airport in the Australia Pacific. ”


For further information, please contact:

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Auckland Airport
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