Auckland Airport switches into power saving mode

01 July 2008

With hydro lakes at low levels New Zealand is preparing for power shortages and Auckland Airport is taking some practical measures to ensure New Zealand keeps glowing.

Auckland Airport's Sustainability Advisor Martin Fryer says, "Members of the airport's energy team completed a night time audit of the international and domestic terminals and revealed several no cost ways that Auckland Airport could reduce power consumption.

"As a result of this audit a number of measures have been put in place, most of which centre around reduced lighting. We are reducing the aesthetic lighting used to highlight architectural features of the international terminal. While these lighting effects create a warm ambience for our travellers we can do without these features for the time being" says Martin.

Corridor lighting has also been reduced and there has been an improvement in the lighting sensors in the domestic terminal car parks. The airport has identified vacant areas of the domestic terminal and lowered the load on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in these areas.

"It is estimated that these measures alone will save at least 3,600 kWhr per day," says Martin. "However we have been careful to ensure that the comfort, security and safety of those who use and work in the airport is not impacted by these measures."

The airport is also encouraging all staff to switch things off. Staff can still play their part by switching off lights, computers and screens and unplugging phone chargers. The energy team will review the supply situation mid July before taking any further action.

For further information, please contact:

Sarah Aldworth, Communications Manager
Tel +64 9 256 8917
Mob +64 0 27 474 6483