Auckland Airport unveils its new international arrivals area

31 March 2008

From midnight on Monday 31 March 2008 international travellers arriving at Auckland Airport will experience an even warmer welcome, with a new international arrivals area opening for business.

The opening marks the next stage of the airport's master expansion plan that will eventually handle 25 million passengers per annum by 2025.

The new arrivals area features iconic and cultural New Zealand imagery reflecting the journey across the ocean. There is intuitive signage in line with global best-practice, contemporary and sustainable architecture, expanded corridors with travelators for ease of movement, and vastly increased capacity for passenger processing.

"This is about creating a great first impression for New Zealand, and making visitors or kiwis returning home feel more welcome", chief executive Don Huse said, "in particular, the additional capacity is very significant as it will reduce bottle-necks and position the airport for future growth. For example the new facility has 44 immigration passport control counters, as opposed to 32 in the old arrivals area."

Another significant feature of the new arrivals area is the new DFS duty-free shop, which at 1,600 square metres is the biggest in the Asia-Pacific region. Importantly it will offer a much broader range of products that will be competitive with other leading international airports.

Huse added, "The crucial considerations of sustainability, imagery, and traveller experience that have gone into the new arrivals area represent another significant step towards delivering Auckland Airport's long term growth."

An event to celebrate the official opening of the area will be held on Thursday 3 April. In keeping with Maori tradition a private blessing, Whare Karakia Whakawtea, was completed this morning by tangatawhenua.

Images will be available upon request from Thursday 3 April.

For further information, please contact:

Sarah Aldworth
Communications Manager
Auckland Airport
+64 0 274 74 64 83